Wendell C. Dreier, Jr.


Currently Writing


Wizard County: The Book of Detections


The Club of Scoundrels tackles their summer reading assignment (The Book of Detections) before entering junior high, face disrupted evil, solve a crime; all the while learning about how to develop their talents to better detect the world around them.


Status: revising first draft at 53K words, concentrating on structure.


The Peterson Chronicles: Garbage In, Garbage Out


Episode 2 of short stories aboard an intergalactic ship where you must wake every month from cryogenic sleep.


Status: first draft at 3K words.




The Manchurian Candidate revisited in 2050.


Status: first draft with 19K words.


Grandma Maude’s 42 Rules for a Long Life ...


provides a humorous view of how to grow old gracefully.


Status: first draft with 4K words.


At The Publisher


Sixty-Five Four Thirty-Two


What does the President do when he’s told the CIA has intercepted an extraterrestrial signal? When the intercept source must remain classified? When the amount of information collected is so great, it threatens one of the most closely guarded secrets the nation has? When it’s the final few weeks into his 2048 reelection bid?


Why, announce it himself on TV. As a replacement for his speech providing the nation with a progress status, ten years after the Indo-Pakistani nuclear war.


Status: Cover completed, working editing comments.